The buttons below will take you to web sites where the BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems is in use. The buttons will bring you to web sites. Follow the links a customer would follow to make a reservation for the business you've chosen.
Select the button below to see an example of how the BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems can be used in a hospitality business. Follow links for Room Reservations, Lunch, Dinner or Function Rooms.

The BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems is completely adaptable to any hospitality business.
The button below will bring you to Premier Sailing, the World's Best Sailing Club. In this example, the club uses its Web site to describe its services, after which customers follow a link to check reservations.

This example can be adapted to any sports or action oriented activity that uses reservations.
Additional Examples
Many businesses and organizations schedule conferences or meetings as an adjunct service. Select the button below to see how one association uses BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems to cut staff and volunteer time.

This model can be used by any business or non-profit that runs events.
Medical Professions
Any office that schedules appointments throughout the day spends considerable time and money taking and maintaining those reservaions. Time spent on the phone and recording information costs money.

If you consider that just the cost of doing business, consider it could cost less.
Here are a few other types of businesses that can save time and money by using BookMyFun Online Reservation Systems.
Airlines - Golf Courses - Motorcycle, Snomobile and ATC Rentals - Spas - Tours - Schools - Nightclubs - Theaters - Membership Organizations - SCUBA Boats and Classes - Fishing Boats - Resorts
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