I began researching the feasibility of online reservations in 1999 as a potential business solution for the sailing industry. It soon became apparent that the technological requirements for managing sailing reservations were strikingly similar to the needs of most other businesses in the recreation, hospitality and travel industries.

BookMyFun was subsequently designed for and marketed to a much wider range of businesses. The company soon began to attract a diverse group of industries. Tour operators, SCUBA diving companies, adult education and vacation rental homes were among the early users. They all came to BMF for the same reasons, to answer their customers' need for convenient, immediate, confirmed reservations and to save their company time and money.

BookMyFun's fanatical emphasis on customer service has had a direct impact on the company's success. I still work with many corporate clients, something I consider essential to BookMyFun's ongoing ability to serve and anticipate their needs.

BookMyFun has also distinguished itself by offering custom solutions using its core technology. The core booking engine has been adapted to very specific customer needs through custom programming. You won't see this approach too often in a world where software companies expect their customers to adapt to them instead of the other way around.

BookMyFun has begun offering free services to the hard working men and women who teach, lead and administer many of the sports and other activities that enrich our lives. As a sailing instructor with more than two decades experience, I understand the demands of running a free-lance practice. My connection to the world of sports and active lifestyles motivated me to give something back to this community in the form of valuable, free business tools.

In coming months look for BookMyFun to introduce a wider variety of online business tools for small and medium sized businesses that want to leverage the power of the Internet without wasting time and money on technology.

The BookMyFun commitment to customer service remains our highest priority. We challenge you to challenge us. Call or email us with a question, and see how long it takes to get an answer. We believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Harry Munns

BookMyFun, Founder
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